Olsen Enterprises...

The Ranch - Olsen Ranches runs commercial cows and registered cows on native grassland. In 1999, the ranch moved from an early spring calving to a May-June calving in order to increase the number of live calves at birth and to lower cow maintenance costs. The cattle are exposed once to AI using bull nominated in the American Hereford Association's National Reference Sire Program, before follow-up bulls are turned out. Cattle winter on corn stalks and then move to grassland in the early spring. Calves are born on pasture and on irrigated grass.

Calves are weaned in November and winter on stalks with supplemental feed. In the spring, they move to grass for 45-60 days before going into the corrals and being placed on feed. All National Reference Sire Program steer progeny are tested in Olsen's GrowSafe system. The steers are generally finished in November and then non-replacement heifers are finished in January.

The Farm - Olsen Ranches raises wheat, corn, alfalfa, millet, peas, barley and small grain hay on irrigated and dry land ground. The dry land cropping system is based on a no-till rotation of wheat, corn and then a short crop such as millet, barley or peas and then back to wheat. Custom farming services such as custom swathing, baling and spraying are also offered.