Feed Efficiency Trials...

In 2010, Olsen Ranches instaledl a GrowSafe system at the feedlot in order to begin collecting feed efficiency data. The ranch offers custom feed efficiency testing of bulls and heifers for seedstock producers from November through June. The GrowSafe system has a one-time capacity of 200 head of cattle.

The feed trials run 70 days, with a 20-day warm-up period to acclimate the cattle to the GrowSafe bunks. Cattle are weighed every two weeks to obtain an accuarte calculation of average daily gain.

With input costs on the rise, feed efficiency is a trait of paramount concern to cattle producers. The data collected in the GrowSafe test is valuable information in the quest to develop genetic selection tools for feed efficiency.

For more infomation or to inquire about participation in the Olsens' GrowSafe trials, please contact the Olsens at or (308) 641-1273.

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GrowSafe Feeding System At Olsen Ranches