Ranch History...

larsolsenThe promise of plentiful land brought Lars Olsen (pictured left) to Banner County in the western Panhandle of Nebraska in 1885. Family lore holds that, when Lars saw Banner County, he took one look and said, "This is it!" The Olsen family has farmed in Banner County and raised Hereford cattle ever since.

Together with his late wife Sharon, Lar's grandson, Arthur Olsen, continued to build the operation while raising daughters Beth, Cheryl and son Douglas. Representing the fourth generation, Douglas returned to the ranch following college in 1994, and with his wife Pamela, are raising two sons, Isaac and Luke. The operation, now known as Olsen Ranches, Inc., is managed by Art and Douglas and continues to grow and diversify with goals of managing available resources, incorporating research and science into both the farm and ranch enterprises, and keeping the operation sustainable.

Today, the progressive Olsen operation focuses on its commercial cow calf herd, with cows comprised primarily of Hereford genetics with crossbreeding of Red Angus genetics. Located in a region that receives approximately 14 inches of moisture annually, Olsen Ranches has native range, and both dry land and irrigated tillable acres on which the Olsens raise a variety of crops.

The Olsens are very involved in programs designed to improve Hereford genetics and to grow the market for Hereford beef. The Olsens are the major Hereford breeder participating in the American Hereford Association's National Reference Sire Program. The are also very involved in the National Cattlemen's Beef Association tenderness project and the international study sponsored by the American Hereford Association to standardize Hereford breed EPD's between the United States, Canada and Australia. The Ranch was honored for its work by receiving the 2004 Beef Improvement Federation Commercial Producer of the Year award and the North Platte Natural Resource District Conservationist of the Year.

The Olsens believe in the strength of the Hereford breed and have a passion for promoting the beef industry. The Olsen family especially has a deep appreciation for the blessing of the rural lifestyle they enjoy and the incredible opportunity they have to be involved in the profession of agriculture.

Pasture picture in the spring