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Since 1999, Olsen Ranches, Inc., has been the primary test herd for the American Hereford Association's National Reference Sire Program (NRSP). Seedstock producers from around the country nominate Hereford bulls for inclusion in the NRSP.

In evaluating nominated sires, Olsen Ranches looks first at the nominated bull's EPD's, seeking sires with reasonable birth weights, yearling weights that will not yield an oversized mature cows, and average milk EPD to accommodate a calving season on green grass, and appealing carcass EPD's. Typically, nine to ten bulls are selected for testing on Olsen's commercial herd. Sixty-five straws of semen from each bull are provided to Olsens who then AI randomly chosen cows to those nominated bulls and to two reference sires.

To date, Olsen Ranches have tested 146 sires and submitted data on progeny from birth through harvest on over 7600 calves. The selection of a bull for participation in the NRSP through Olsen Ranches allows the bull's owner to rapidly collect trait information including calving ease, birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight and carcass performance. It also proves that sire against some of the highest accuracy Hereford sires in the country. Feed efficiency data is now also being collected on steer progeny through Olsen's GrowSafe system.

If you are interested in nominating a bull for inclusion in the NRSP, please contact Jack Ward at the American Hereford Association for details.

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